Scheduled Maintenance

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Saturday August 11, 2007 08:00 to 14:00 CDT (GMT-5:00)

In our efforts to continually enhance the functionality and value of our WAM!NET® services, we will be performing scheduled maintenance on:

  • Date: Saturday, August 11(th), 2007
  • Start Time: 08:00 CDT (GMT-05:00)
  • Duration: 6 hours


During this scheduled maintenance period, we will perform general maintenance which will impact several WAM!NET Services. Highlighted below are some of the benefits that will be available after this release.

Feature Set Frozen on Legacy Irix Purple Box

Beginning with the August 11th release and continuing with each future release, feature enhancements made to the WAM!NET product and service portfolio will only be supported in an environment operating a Linux Purple Box . Product Management has frozen any future enhancements on the Irix Purple Box as it is unable to scale with the enhancements being made to the WAM!NET product portfolio. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to the Linux Purple Box to take full advantage of all new features going forward.  more »

Transmission Director X (SM)(TDX) v2.5

In this newest version of TDX, SAVVIS is introducing several service enhancements:

Package Composition:
  • TDX 2.5 users can now select a file, or group of files, from other Packages to create a new Package. Files from Packages can also be combined with files from the desktop to create a new Package. Files can be selected from Packages on the Sending and/or Receiving Dock. Selecting files from other Packages is made easy with drag and drop functionality. Users may also rename files from other Packages within the new Package.
  • These Package Composition features will also be included in the WAM!NET Transmission Web Client (SM) (TWC) and WAM!NET Internet Gateway (SM) Services.
Send-to-User Functionality:
  • Send-to-User functionality introduces the ability to send a Package to a specific user at a destination Resource. A Package may be sent to one or more users at a single resource or multiple users at various Resources. The TDX Address Book includes a "show user" icon next to a Destination Resource to display the users associated with that Resource. Only published users will appear in the user list for a Resource. TDX also provides a search/filter capability in the Address Book to search for Resources containing a specific user.
  • TDX 2.5 will only display those Packages on the Receiving Dock that were destined to the user who is logged in. The logged in user will also be able to see Packages that were sent to the Destination Resource where no user was specified. more »

WAM!NET Info Center(SM) Enhancements

There are new configuration values introduced in Info Center on the Resource Welcome page. These configurations are supported only for Resources on a Linux Purple Box.

Sending Dock Cache:
  • Enabling the Sending Dock Cache configuration will retain Package files on the TDX Sending Dock for access at a later time. This configuration supports the capability to forward Package files from the Sending Dock as part of the new features and functionality introduced in TDX 2.5, as described above.
Purge Sent Packages:
  • If the Sending Dock Cache is enabled, the Purge Sent Packages configuration defines the timeframe Package files are retained on the Sending Dock before they are automatically purged.

There is also a new notification configuration in Info Center. This notification is available in email or HTTP format.

Package Sent has been Downloaded Notification:
  • A notification is provided to the sending site in the event that a package sent has been downloaded by the receiving site. This configuration is supported for Resources on both the Linux Purple Box and the legacy Irix Purple Box with the caveat that details as to the service login that downloaded the package will not be provided in the notification when the package is downloaded in an environment operating an Irix Purple Box.

Availability of Services during Maintenance?

  • WAM!NET Central Services will be unavailable during the first four hours of this window, including: Internet Gateway, Info Center, WorkSpace(SM), Content Studio(SM), Content Submission Portal(SM) and Medical.
  • Direct!(SM) and Direct! IP(SM) customers sending to other Direct! sites will be able to send files; however, package tracking and notifications will be unavailable during this time.
  • WAM!NET Content Studio may be down for an additional two hours.


If you have any questions regarding this Scheduled Maintenance Notice, please contact our technical support team. more » We apologize for any inconvenience this scheduled maintenance may cause, and appreciate your understanding as we strive to continually improve our services. View complete calendar of scheduled maintenance for 2007. more »