Scheduled Maintenance

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Saturday May 17, 2008 08:00 to 14:00 CDT (GMT-05:00)

In our efforts to continually enhance the functionality and value of our WAM!NET® Services, we will be performing scheduled maintenance on:

  • Date: Saturday, May 17th, 2008
  • Start Time: 08:00 CDT (GMT-05:00)
  • Duration: 6 hours


During this scheduled maintenance period, we will perform general maintenance which will impact several WAM!NET Services. Highlighted below are some of the benefits that will be available after this release.

WAM!NET Transmission Director X(SM) TDX 2.7 Enhancements

  • Ship and Receive Docks to include a progress bar in the status column, providing a visual representation of progress complete for each individual package and indicates an estimated time of arrival/delivery along with additional tooltip information to include percentage complete and current rate of transfer.

WAM!NET Transmission Scriptable Client(SM) TSC 1.3 Enhancements

  • Checksum support (CRC32 or MD5) for files uploaded and shipped
  • Checksum validation of files being downloaded
  • Support for auto-deletion of files after shipping
  • The ability to allow a list of files to be included on command line without an argument
  • Support for command line filenames with embedded spaces

SDK 2.3 Enhancements

  • Enhancements to Content Management:
    • Support for HTTPS
    • Two new methods: SearchAssetActivity and GetAssetRepresentations
    • Support for human readable values for Search Operators (e.g. “Between” rather than “Value1”)

  • Enhancements to Content Distribution:
    • Option to include packages that are still in transit when retrieving the Receive Dock contents
    • Progress Info provided for Packages in transit
    • Checksum support (CRC32 or MD5) to files uploaded and shipped
    • Option to validate the checksum of files being downloaded

WAM!NET Submission Icon Enhancements

  • Encryption support: If the submission icon recipient has published a public key then content sent through the submission icon will be encrypted. The submission icon installer includes the policy files for strong encryption.

WAM!NET Content Studio(SM) 5.3 Enhancements

  • A new SDK function Search Asset Activity will provide access to Asset Audit information; search values include Eventtype, Asset Locator, UserID, Tracker ID, and EventtimeStamp
  • The Review Studio web interface has a new streamlined look and feel
  • Content Studio will now record the user that stored an asset in addition to the Resource from which it was sent
  • A new GetAssetRepresentations call that supports a batch request
  • The ‘Reply To’ field in an eFolio job ticket will default to the e-mail address of the sending user
  • Configurable eFolio option to automatically include the sender’s e-mail address in the eFolio distribution
  • Configurable eFolio option for senders to be notified in addition to library administrators when proxies fail to generate

Notification Enhancements

  • Transport package notifications will now include ‘From User’
  • New Package Stored notification available for Content Studio, supports email and HTTP

Other WAM!NET Enhancements

  • Vista support for all web-based applications
  • Sunset support for Windows 2000

Availability of Services during Maintenance?

  • WAM!NET Central Services will be unavailable during this window, including: Internet Gateway(SM), Info Center(SM), WorkSpace(SM), Content Studio, Content Submission Portal(SM) and Medical Transport.
  • Direct!(SM) and Direct! IP(SM) customers sending to other Direct! sites will be able to send files; however, package tracking and notifications will be unavailable during this time.


  • If you have any questions regarding this Scheduled Maintenance Notice, please contact our technical support team. more »
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this scheduled maintenance may cause, and appreciate your understanding as we strive to continually improve our services.
  • View complete calendar of scheduled maintenance for 2008. more »