Scheduled Maintenance

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Saturday, November 13, 2010 08:00 to 14:00 CST (GMT-05:00)

In our efforts to continually enhance the functionality and value of our WAM!NET® Services, we will be performing scheduled maintenance on:

  • Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010
  • Start Time: 08:00 CST (GMT-05:00)
  • Duration: 6 hours


During this scheduled maintenance period we will release several new improvements to the WAM!NET Service.

  • New UK instance of the WAM!NET Portal, Internet Gateway infrastructure and Content Submission infrastructure:
      We will be launching a new instance of the WAM!NET Portal, Internet Gateway infrastructure and Content Submission infrastructure in the UK on November 22 to further improve service performance for users in Europe and neighboring regions. For those users to experience the full improvement in performance, the Internet Gateway and Submission resources they use must be relocated from the US to the new UK instance of the service after the launch. more »

  • Transmission Director X (TDX) version 3.6 with Web Launching:
      This version of TDX can be installed on the desktop or alternatively it can be launched directly from the File Transfer tab within the WAM!NET Portal for use with Internet Gateway resources without requiring a traditional installation. Web launching TDX simply requires a supported version of Java to exist on the workstation.

      Upon web launching TDX there is an option to create a short-cut icon on the desktop to subsequently web launch TDX without going into the WAM!NET Portal. When TDX is web launched, the latest version of TDX will always be used even if an older version of TDX was previously installed. This eliminates the burden of installing upgrades over time.

      This version of TDX can also access resources on the new UK instance of Internet Gateway and supports Job Tickets with required pick list fields that are empty by default.

      Please note that web launched TDX only works with Internet Gateway resources and does not support PGP encryption. Following the release, look for the new "Launch TDX" link on the left side of the Transfer Files section of the WAM!NET Portal to begin using the latest version of TDX immediately without requiring installation.

  • Visibility into eFolio file activity:
      Visibility into eFolio file activity is being added to the sender's copy of new eFolios that are generated. Sender's of eFolios will see a new eFolio activity report when they open their copy of the eFolio. The report does not appear on recipient copies of the eFolio.

      This report displays a record for each time a user accessed a file in the eFolio and identifies the file being accessed, viewed or downloaded, date/time of access and the user accessing it when the eFolio is authenticated. Existing senders of eFolios can begin utilize this new visibility immediately without requiring any configuration changes to their WAM!NET services.

  • Forensic Watermarking of Video files:
      The audio track of MPEG4 h.264 AAC video files can be forensic watermarked in addition to existing support for MP3 and WAV audio files. There is also support for an MP3 audio bit rate of 256 kbps in addition to the 128 kbps rate currently supported. A subscription to the Content Protection add-on to the WAM!NET Service Package is required to use this feature.

  • Library Creation and Hot Folder Administration in WAM!NET Portal:
      Library creation and hot folder administration will become available through the administration tab of the WAM!NET Portal.

  • WAM!NET Portal improvements based on feedback:
      Based on customer feedback we are improving the intuitiveness of the following administration functions in the WAM!NET Portal: address book management, administration wizard and list filtering.

  • Retirement Notices:
      TDX versions 3.2.x will be retired on November 13 and will no longer be functional. TDX versions 3.3.x will provide notice of future expiration at time of user login as a reminder to upgrade to the latest version. The actual retirement of TDX 3.3.x is planned to occur in March of 2011.

Availability of Services during Maintenance?

  • Within the 6 hour maintenance period, all WAM!NET Direct! Services boxes will be offline for approximately 30 minutes for software maintenance updates. Any packages currently shipping will restart after the upgrade.
  • WAM!NET Central Services will be unavailable during this window, including: Internet Gateway, Info Center, Content Studio and Content Submission Services.
  • Direct! customers sending to other Direct! sites will be able to send files; however, package tracking and notifications will be unavailable during this time.


  • If you have any questions regarding this Scheduled Maintenance Notice, please contact our technical support team. more »
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this scheduled maintenance may cause, and appreciate your understanding as we strive to continually improve our services.
  • View complete calendar of scheduled maintenance. more »