Scheduled Maintenance

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Saturday May 19, 2007 08:00 to 16:00 CDT (GMT-5:00)

In our efforts to continually enhance the functionality and value of our WAM!NET® Services, we will be performing scheduled maintenance on:

  • Date: Saturday, May 19(th), 2007
  • Start Time: 08:00 CDT (GMT-05:00)
  • Duration: 8 hours


During this scheduled maintenance period, we will perform general maintenance which will impact several WAM!NET Services. Highlighted below are some of the benefits that will be available after this release.

Update Linux OS

  • During this window, an upgrade to the Linux Operating System will be administered to our Central Services. The main purpose for the upgrade is to stay current with the latest version of software as well as take advantage of security enhancements, file system performance enhancements and features offered.

Infrastructure Upgrades

  • We are implementing several infrastructure upgrades for many of the WAM!NET Services, including Content Studio(SM), Internet Gateway(SM), WorkSpace(SM), Content Submission Portal(SM) and Info Center(SM). These upgrades will provide improved performance, reliability and scalability for these services.
  • We will expand our data center space and turn up additional Internet & backbone bandwidth capacity for these services. We will also replace many legacy servers with new servers and deploy additional servers for more capacity and resiliency for these services.
  • We will change the time zone on the Internet Gateway servers from their current US Central time zone to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Transmission Director X(SM) (TDX) and the web interface will continue to translate times into the local time zone as set on your computer, but the FTP interface will display all times in GMT.

Content Studio

  • We will begin to upgrade Content Studio to an improved high availability configuration with additional resilient components and rapid component failover procedures. These infrastructure improvements reflect a substantial investment in Content Studio and will result in significant improvements to performance, reliability and scalability of the Service. This upgrade will be completed in June.


  • Encryption will now be a standard feature of TDX 2.4, offered as a value-add to Transport Services and at no charge to customers.
  • Encryption Key Management will be streamlined so that the content receiver can automatically publish their public key. The public key will automatically be posted to the address book for all content senders, both current and future. Content senders no longer have to do anything in establishing the encrypted workflow.
  • The Key Verification File feature will provide a mechanism for validating the Public Key that is distributed by WAM!NET truly belongs to the receiver and will offer security conscious customers the assurance that the Public Key has not been altered or tampered with.

TDX 2.4

  • The checksum capabilities feature ensures end-to-end file consistency for transferred files. Checksum will help validate whether a corruption is due to customer or internal network/hardware problems (such as bad disk controllers).
  • Forward Package functionality will offer customers the ability to forward a received package directly from the receiving dock to trading partners without having to collect files and repackage them.
  • TDX 2.4 includes the Encryption Enhancements as described above.
  • Plans to sunset TDX 2.1 later this year will be announced in the near future

Introducing Transmission Scriptable Client(SM) TSC

  • We are providing a command line client (Transmission Scriptable Client) available for the Internet Gateway and Direct! services. TSC is designed for easy automation when sending and/or receiving packages, including the ability to encrypt and decrypt content during the file transfer process.

Introducing Transmission Web Client(SM) TWC

  • The TWC offers customers a streamlined web version of the full featured Transmission Director X client without the overhead of installing and running a native application on the desktop. TWC offers customers a user-friendly, web interface for sending and receiving digital files over the SAVVIS Content Exchange via WAM!NET Direct Services. The Transmission Web Client is made available to all subscribers of Direct! Services with no additional fees. Using the Transmission Web Client is as easy as visiting a web site. There's no software to install.

Package Tracking Enhancements

  • Package tracking enhancements in regard to packages containing a large number of files will be deployed in InfoCenter. Going forward, for packages that containing less than 200 files all files will be displayed in InfoCenter. If a package has more than 200 files InfoCenter will display the correct total file count of each package and provide a link allowing a user to download a tab delimited file containing a list of filenames and their size.

Availability of Services during Maintenance?

  • All WAM!NET Central Services will be unavailable during this window, including: Internet Gateway, Info Center, WorkSpace, Content Studio, Content Submission Portal and Medical.
  • Direct!(SM) and Direct! IP(SM) customers sending to other Direct! sites will be able to send files; however, package tracking and notifications will be unavailable during this time.


  • If you have any questions regarding this Scheduled Maintenance Notice, please contact our technical support team. more »
  • We apologize for any inconvenience this scheduled maintenance may cause, and appreciate your understanding as we strive to continually improve our services.
  • View complete calendar of scheduled maintenance for 2007. more »