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WAM!NET End-of-Life Notice

<span class="nowrap">WAM!NET</span> End-of-Life Notice May 31, 2018

Dear Valued CenturyLink Customer:

As a service provider, CenturyLink continuously evaluates and updates its product catalog in order to provide competitive services. Occasionally, changing market conditions support a strategic decision to discontinue a product or service, even though CenturyLink strives to minimize any strategy that results in a reduction of services. However, in cases where a reduction is necessary, CenturyLink is committed to supporting affected customers through a service transition, as reasonably determined by CenturyLink.

This letter serves as CenturyLink’s notice that your WAM!NET Services will enter End-of-Sale (“EOS”) status effective immediately and End-of-Life (“EOL”) status on November 30, 2019 (“EOL Date”). End-of-Sale status means that CenturyLink will suspend the sale of WAM!NET Services, including sales of new services, upgrades, and add-ons. Effective as of the EOL Date, CenturyLink will terminate all use and support of WAM!NET Services. Future notices regarding the WAM!NET Services and related milestones will be delivered via electronic mail to customer contact e-mail addresses as provided to and known by CenturyLink.

CenturyLink will not be providing a replacement service, therefore customers will be responsible for the selection of a replacement solution and the migration of services prior to the EOL Date.

CenturyLink will waive early termination charges for the affected WAM!NET Services for Customers who wish to migrate off of WAM!NET Services before their existing service term concludes. WAM!NET Services will not auto-renew at the end of your current service term. If your existing service term expires prior to the EOL Date, you will have the option to renew on a month-to-month basis until the EOL Date in order to facilitate your migration off of WAM!NET Services.

WAM!NET Direct! customers were previously notified of our intention to migrate the WAM!NET Direct! Service from the legacy Savvis Application Transport Services (“ATS”) to the CenturyLink IQ MPLS services. Given this WAM!NET Service EOL decision CenturyLink has decided to discontinue this ATS to IQ migration for those customers that haven’t already signed a related IQ service order.

Questions regarding this Notice and next steps should be directed to Anita Spears. Anita can be reached at 972-496-7796 or

CenturyLink strongly values the partnership with its customers and we sincerely thank you for your business.


CenturyLink Communications, LLC